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Is Marijuana Legal In Colorado?

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Colorado marijuana laws

Colorado and Washington repeatedly appear in the media these days. The reason is simple. These two states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. You might now ask “Isn’t Marijuana Legal in 18 other states in the US? What makes Colorado and Washington different from the other 18 states where marijuana is legal for medical use?

Marijuana is legal for medical as well as recreational use in the states of Colorado and Washington. Adults are allowed to possess a specified quantity of marijuana for recreational use. However, there are further conditions on this regard.

Colorado Laws on Marijuana

Pro marijuana activists in the country call Colorado Marijuana laws as progressive. In Colorado, a medical marijuana patient can buy or grow pot for their personal use. However, they should have a doctor’s prescription with them for the same. The state law has lifted the charges and punishments for limited amount of marijuana possession.

Marijuana Laws for Medical Users

Medical marijuana users are the most to benefit the recent amendments in the Colorado marijuana laws. The state guarantees the patients with the legal right to grow marijuana for their personal medical use. The patients should register with the state operated registry which was set up as per the Colorado state amendment made in 2000. Registered users are allowed to grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their home. The amount of marijuana they can possess is limited to 2 oz.

Colorado Laws on Marijuana For Recreational Use

As per the Colorado state law, growing cannabis by non-medical users is a violation. If you are caught with 1 oz usable marijuana, you are inviting a petty offense which may cost you a $100 fine. Even if you are a medical marijuana user, sale or cultivation of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school or church result in a severe punitive measures ranging from 8 to 24 years of imprisonment and up to $ 100,000 fine.

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Transporting Marijuana

The Colorado state law considers transportation of cannabis in excess of 100 Ibs as illegal. A breach of this will result in a felony charge and prosecution. The punitive measures for this breach range from $5,000 to $1,000,000 fine and 8 to 24 years of imprisonment. Nevertheless, the sentence may depend on a variety of factors such as your previous history of marijuana possession, criminal background and other reported crimes.

In line with Colorado, few other states are also contemplating on implementing liberal laws on marijuana.

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